My wife enjoys going on an early morning jog – accompanied by our kids on their bicycles.”“It is an absolute treat to see so many bird species – especially owls.


Mooikloof Heights estate provides children with the opportunity to be children again in a safe and secure environment.


We are spoilt by the big sized stands in Mooikloof Heights estate and we will never be able to live on a mere 1000m² stands ever again.


We enjoyed the get-together braai with all of the residents. It was a great opportunity to make contact and to get to know our friendly small community of residents better.


We were very impressed with the neatness of Mooikloof Heights estate and decided that this is the place for us.


We took more than a year to look at basically all of the upmarket estates available in Pretoria. We compared all the relevant factors and eventually decided to buy in Mooikloof Heights estate since it was an attractive investment opportunity.


The fact that Mooikloof Heights estate is adjoining the upmarket Mooikloof Equestrian estate was the deciding factor for us to invest in Mooikloof Heights estate.


It is very important to us to invest in an estate with good growth potential. Mooikloof Heights estate met all of our investment criteria and we know that we will profit in future on our investment of today.


Mooikloof Heights estate is out of town but still in town and close to all amenities such as schools, shopping malls and hospitals.


We love walking through the estate over weekends; it feels like we are exploring our own farm.